At Middleton & Middleton we have over 80 years combined experience and thousands of cases under our belts.
We care about justice and will fight for all who are accused of wrongdoing or faced with litigation. We care about those who need someone to fight for justice. We fight for those who have been injured, fight for those who are being targeted by frivolous law suits, and fight for those being accused -- no matter the issue. We never quit on our clients. We rigorously defend and advocate for our clients.
We are proud to have a very diverse practice. From contract disputes to estate planning, criminal defense to family law, from authenticating art history and provenance to being featured in major network documentaries (The Life and Mind of Mark DeFriest) , you can be confident our firm has the experience and expertise to represent you and your interests with proficiency and professionalism.
We have recovered over 100 million dollars for our clients and we will fight for you -- to recover monies owed to you or defend your rights. There is no place in this world for injustice, and there is no place that injustice can hide from Middleton & Middleton. We are family and we consider our clients to be the same. We will fight for our family and we will fight for you. "Fighting For All" is what we do.
Case Evaluation
The State tried to keep me locked up for weeks without seeing my family. They tried to unreasonably deny me Bail. Middleton & Middleton would not take no for an answer. They filed an emergency Motion to determine Bond. The State objected and asked for a hearing on the Motion. The firm showed up and engaged in a heated exchange with the State. They fought hard and were prepared. The Firm won and I went back home to my family. You need this Firm in your corner.
- Yoan G.
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