Middleton & Middleton has helped FrankCrum, Inc. better understand our industry from a legal perspective. The Firm’s knowledge and understanding of insurance regulatory issues and insurance fraud have given our company insight into the problems that face our industry. We happily provide a positive recommendation.
- FrankCrum, Inc.
A few words from our clients
When the State of Florida fined our company, Middleton & Middleton saved us over $2,500,000. Adrian and his father fought non-stop to protect our company’s interest.
- Mauricio / Soto Concrete
John Middleton, Esq. and his firm Middleton & Middleton have brought our paintings from a possible to a probable Picasso. If authenticated it may well be worth $40,000,000 and we will have this firm to thank for the many press releases and television news stories that the firm successfully arranged on our behalf.
- Scott
Middleton & Middleton fought to reduce our State Penalty that started out at over $500,000.00. When it was said and done it was only a little over $5,000. The firm fought tirelessly to keep our company in business, and they did.
- Jason
Middleton & Middleton saved my license from being revoked by the Department of Business & Professional Regulation. I am so glad that we called them. The complaint was dropped and we are going strong today.
- Chord / P.O.E. Construction, Inc
Middleton & Middleton kept our construction license in place after and sub crew decided not to file certain OSHA regulations. The firm made the government see this. Our license is where it belongs, still attached to our company and allowing us to perform a great service to Florida.
- Todd / Roof It Right, LLC
Middleton and Middleton has been an amazing asset to our firm. Their ability to evaluate proposed legislation and attend Rules Workshop Hearings has helped our clients influence both Agency Policy and State Statutes. Their ability to communicate with Local and State Government has assisted our Firm greatly. Middleton & Middleton will fight for your interest!
- Mixon & Associates, Inc
When an insurance company claimed that we owed them over $500,000 we were shocked. Middleton & Middleton stepped in and kept us in business. If you want someone that will fight for you and make sure that companies and the powerful do not run you over, this is your go to Firm for all things business.
- Tim H. / Henderson Development & Design, Inc.
I was getting hammered in my family law matter. There were issues with custody, child support and Venue. Middleton & Middleton came into my case and hit back. They made my life so much easier by changing venue to a more convenient forum, finally making my child support fair. Now I see my children on a regular basis and am enjoying life again.
- Vinnie B.
Case Evaluation
Middleton & Middleton has defended my interest in multiple business matters. I cannot speak highly enough about the Firm’s loyalty to my businesses and me. They have saved me tens of thousands of dollars over the last two years and have provided extremely sound legal advice. I will forever be a client.
- Rob S. / Concept Construction Group, LLC
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